'Josie' Personalised Matching Equestrian Set - Plodders Design

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The 'Plodders' brand is exclusive to Print My Words only!

Get your very own fully customisable bag featuring a cartoon image of your horse or pony. Add your name and your horse's name and send us a photo of your horse so we can create the perfect cartoon replica. We will create the design to show off your horse's markings and colours. Please select 'smooth' for a template to feature a horse with a short mane and no feathers and 'hairy' for a horse with feathers and long mane.

PLEASE upload a full body image of your horse for us to work from. If there is only a head shot, we will assume there are no markings to add to the body.

This is a must have matching equestrian set. This personalised bundle includes a super soft and comfortable pair of socks, and a gorgeous personalised tote bag! Available in a variety of colours, this matchy set is the perfect gift for equestrians of all ages.

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