'Dolly' Ladies Personalised Matching Equestrian Set - Elegant Design

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Personalised Equestrian Bundles are this season's must have. This matching set includes a hoodie, saddlecloth and tote bag. Provide us with a photo of your horse and we will turn him into a digital illustration! 

We will beautifully illustrate the colours and distinct markings of your best friend creating a perfect artists impression. PLEASE upload a full body image of your horse for us to work from. If there is only a head shot, we will assume there are no markings to add to the body.

(Please note that we can only change the colouring and markings, we cannot adjust the shape of our template, if you have a horse with a lot of feathers - the feathers will not show e.g Shire horses)

All items are made to order. Please allow up to 14 days.

- Whilst we try to match up the colours as closely as possible, different brands and suppliers means we cannot guarantee a perfect match.

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